BOAT DONATION ? GET STARTED Do you know that more than money and clothing what could be donated? Ok, to support multiple causes, you can even donate the surplus boats that are later sold. To raise money for girls, needy people, underprivileged children, families affected by COVID-19, and other charities, you can use your ship. Your vessel will support the city, rather than waiting idly in your port and gathering dust, and you can contribute something to society. Feel good and bring hope for the hopeless. MORE DETAILS Avoid paying fees GET STARTED Skip paying costly docking fees and needless premiums in the long run. Before you accumulate all the expenses, donate now. By donating you cut your expenses and can make contribution for the betterment of the society. for maintenance MORE DETAILS Save the cash GET STARTED When the boat sells for more than $500, the selling price will be the receipt. Otherwise, you will assert the boat's fair value, up to $ 500,000. for your taxes MORE DETAILS

COVID-19 Fund

COVID-19 has created the largest need for the medical resources in nation's history. Your gift and donations can help us to provide...

How Your Boat Donation Will Help Others

We will ensure that the money we will receive from your donation should be used to support our People with services.

Donate Your Boat Now!

Without a trailer, your boat donation will certainly change the lives of our retired people, giving them hope for a healthier, happier, and more...

Bring Hope to the Hopeless

Do you think your old boat will have a lasting effect on the lives of your fellow citizens who are now dealing with poverty and disability?










Donating a yacht to a charity is often a much better option for donors rather than trying to sell their vessel.



Most of us do not have storage room for a boats, which means it cost you more for paying for the space at a marina or just leaving your boat outside. With growing concern over transferring invasive species from lake to lake, it’s also more difficult to take your boat anywhere you want these days. Your boat brought you and your family good memories of fishing, tubing and cruising along the shoreline. You will get more than federal tax savings per time you send us! Each time you donate a boat to charity, you will earn a total market value for tax deduction. Your boat donation will provide thousands in your neighborhood with funding and resources for fantastic charity initiatives. As you the world is suffering from Covid-19 and there are thousands of people affected because of that, Your small contribution can make them happy and bring smiles on the sad faces. Give us a call if you are searching for an awesome way to give back or just need a ship pulled easily for free.

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